Sidney Lea Le Bour


2014. 100km south-west from Bucarest, Buzescu is the second village with roms palace that I photographed in Romania. Unlike to Huedin, all the houses are finished or in phase to be. The main road is dashing with these sidewalks freshly paved and these whrought iron fences. Inhabitants have even taken the initiative to cover the drain water conduit whereas in the surrounding villages, everything is open pit.

Among all these prosperous homes, enclaves lie fallow. Work stopped for a long time given the cracks already browsing the concrete structures of these huge buildings. The grids are corroded and weeds have taken over the garden. When I ask one of the neighbors where the owners are, he replies that they are in jail. I wish I had more details but it tightens the lips making me understand that he has already said too much.

This confession doesn't surprise me. Although residents of Buzescu are wary of journalists after some bad reportages on their village. It seems obvious that such properties are built much faster when practicing fraudulent activities - and lucrative - that when you touch the minimum hourly wage.