Sidney Lea Le Bour


2014. 45km from Cluj-Napoca, in western Romania, a small village called Huedin denote in the landscape. Palaces under construction inhabited by Roma families stand, on each side of the road, on few hundred meters. Concrete blocks and bricks, still bare, are topped by multilevel roofs, extremely worked, characteristic of gypsies. On each house is written the family name and the date of the beginning of construction. Some are decorated with symbols of success (euro, mercedes, dollar...) or a swarm of names referring to family history.

The nomadic life isn't but habits seem to persist. In most backyards are parked caravans and in meadows surrounding the houses, horses snort. The apparent luxury of these homes contrasts sharply with the lifestyle of its inhabitants where the carts still ply the streets in beaten earth and where, daily, women feed the chickens in the garden.